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Should I Call Him?

Should I Text Him?

The guy you just met he’s sooo perfect! You’re so attracted to him, just the type you want. Now that you’ve met him but how do you make him notice you. Should I call him? Should I text him? Can you make him yours?

What should you do to start a conversation, texting, emailing or calling him? Are you confident about yourself? What to do now?

If you have been dating this guy for a while, and he suddenly stops calling you, you might be wondering – what does it mean? Does it mean he doesn’t want to see you anymore? Does it mean he is breaking up with you? Does it mean he is afraid of commitment?

Should I call him or just wait for his call, or should you move on?

Wouldn’t it be great if he just told you what’s on his mind? Is he going to call or not?

I remember back in the days when I was single, I used to wait for men to call me. Sometimes I went out to parties and met attractive men who took my number – only to never call.

Why do I always meet men who don’t call?

I was searching for answers. If only I knew why men disappeared after they took my number, or never called after a first date.

Sometimes I would go out with a guy on as many as three dates, and after our third date he’d disappear!

Nothing I read gave me clear answers to my questions until my friend recommended this book.

This guide opened my eyes! It explained everything I had always wanted to know about why men don’t call after a great date, why men stop calling after a few dates, and even why a man would disappear after a few months of dating.

What is great about this book is that it gives you honest answers from men, which the author of the book, Mimi Tanner has put together to explain every reason why a man would possibly stop calling a woman when it comes to dating and relationships.

It also explains the patterns of commitment-phobic men and how they act in relationships. It is probably the densest source of information I have ever come across when it comes to the subject of men who don’t call and even the subject of commitment phobia.

About Calling A Guy

One of the areas where there is great confusion is how to call the guy. People seem to give quite contradictory pieces of advice. For example, some people will tell you to go ahead and dial his number soon after you see your relationship getting stronger, while others will warn you that this is something you should never do at any point in your relationship. So, what exactly should you do?

It’s more than a phone

One of the first things you should come to terms with is the fact that your man will not take your call lightly. You should bear this in mind before you start dialing that number, or composing your text message – which is even more common nowadays. The way you do this will help him to make a judgment on you. For instance, if you take the initiative too frequently, you may give the impression that you are desperate for attention.

As a rule of thumb, you should take things easy. Do not be too quick with your calls. In case you go out on a date and the man tells you when he will call, it is better to wait for the call. If you appear to be hot on his heels, you are more likely to scuttle the chance of another date.


This, however, does not mean that you should never call the man you date. He may have taken the initiative to give you his number while you did not give yours in return. In such a situation, the responsibility is upon you to call him. Once you have called or sent him a text message, you should take your time and wait for his response. In any case, this will help you to determine whether he is really interested in you.

When you would like to know how to call the guy, you should realize that he will most likely view the phone differently from you. Too frequent use of the phone may just create a barrier between you. In many cases, when men get the impression that they are being pursued, they will create a protective barrier that may end your date. Do not risk shutting the door on your blossoming love by appearing so eager that you drive the man you date away.

When you know how to go about calling a guy, you will spark off his interest in you.

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