Why Doesn’t He Call Anymore?

Have you been dating a great guy with whom you’ve had a great relationship, and then all over a sudden he seems to have a change of heart? The phone calls may come less often, or they may disappear all together. This is something that many of us have had to deal with. In such a situation, you may feel like picking the phone and helping him ‘get back to normal.’

When your boyfriend doesnt call anymore, calling him to ask why or let him know how you feel will hardly yield positive results. This does not mean that you just have to burn with frustration as he does not seem to care for you anymore. Of course, you’ve got to let him know of your need. However, the way of going about it may not be how you think.

When you confront him with the issue directly, you are highly likely to ruin a good relationship. In order to lay your strategy well, you will need to understand why he doesnt call in the first place.

One of the important things you should be aware of is that your boyfriend is more likely to show you how he feels rather than tell you verbally. This goes even into his lack of calling. Perhaps he just doesn’t feel like talking at that moment.

Sitting on the fence

Another reason that may make your man not get in touch is the turmoil he is going through. While he is interested in you, he does not seem prepared to take things too seriously. In this valley of indecision, he will call very rarely, may be just enough not to break the thread that ties both of you but not enough to turn it into a rope.

When you rush into calling him, you may just ruin something great that was in the making. Instead of calling, you should use the time you spend together for the maximum benefit.

Know him better

Just as your relationship develops, you should start to take a close look at how he acts in order to understand him better. You should in turn act in a way that shows his masculinity and you will finally win him over.

For example, you should not usurp his role as the chaser. Give him the opportunity to chase you and he will take the cue.

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