How to Tell If A Guy Likes You?

Trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you can be downright stressful!  For example, you see a guy in a crowd and you wonder how to tell if he likes you or not.  You don’t want to seem obvious and stare, but you could have sworn he was looking directly at you for just a brief second.  You look away and then of course he is talking to his friends when you look back up. Is your imagination going crazy?

We’ve all had that feeling when we are attracted to someone and would like to know if there is a surefire way of knowing if they share the same feeling.  Well, here are some ways on how to tell if a guy likes you.

He asks a friend about you, wanting to know who you are and where you are from. Although he may make his conversation seem casual, the fact that he is asking someone else about you is a definite indicator that he has an interest in you.  If he mentions in his conversational questioning that he finds you attractive, he is hoping that his friend will casually let you know.  It is the beginning of opening the door to a possible relationship.

We’ve all heard of “the look”.  It actually is a real thing and you learn of its mesmerizing effect as you feel its penetrating energy from across the room.  You feel as if there is no else in the room but him when you meet his eyes. He takes you in with a sweeping gaze that misses nothing and his eyes come to rest on yours.  You see the hint of a quiet smile.

He finds a way to engage you in casual conversation. As you talk with him, he looks you directly in the eye and listens to what you are saying and then responds appropriately.  He finds out about your interests and draws you out in conversation.

As the conversation moves on, he will either ask directly if you are seeing someone or will ask indirectly.  An indirect question would be along the lines of, “Well, what does your boyfriend think of that?” This of course, is your opportunity, to let him know that you are available.

Helpful hint:  Leave your rings at home.  Why? Many guys cannot tell which finger a ring is on from across the room.  Being somewhat shy to begin with, they may not always move in for a closer look and may presume – incorrectly – that you are already taken.  Also, they may confuse your right hand with your left hand.  So, make it easy on ‘em and leave the rings at home.

You run into him unexpectedly on your break, even though you’ve never seen him at this time before.  He would only know when and where you take your breaks if he has been asking around.  If he seems slightly embarrassed and quickly says “Hi”, then you can pretty much know that its a sign he likes you.

He is putting forth a lot of effort to come into contact with you.  If you like him, then encourage him by talking with him for a bit. Don’t discourage him, by briskly walking past him, if you actually like him. 

If you are well liked by your friends and have a happy demeanor about you, you can pretty much know that he will like you too.  Guys are attracted to girls and women who are happy with their lives … and with themselves.  No one wants to be around someone who is scowling, grumpy or saying unkind things about other people.

So, if you are not happy with yourself, take a look at yourself and ask yourself, “What can I do to make things better?” Start cultivating a certain talent or hobby that you find interesting.   The simple act of beginning to improve your life will put you on the path of being happier … and more attractive.

Taking note of the simple signs on how to tell if a guy likes you mentioned above, will put you on the path to starting a great relationship.

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