How Can I Get Him to Love Me?

How can I get him to love me is a question most of us have asked at some point. Dating isn’t easy and if you’re involved with a man who isn’t quick to share what he’s feeling, it’s even more of a challenge. You may suspect that the man in your life is falling in love, but how can you ensure that does happen? There are a few things any woman can do to make the man she loves feel the same way about her.

When I was asking myself the question of how can I get him to love me, I first considered adopting qualities that I knew he found attractive. This is actually a common mistake that women make when they are trying to win the heart of a man they adore. Men like independent thinkers. They find you much more attractive if you are the person you want to be, as opposed to someone you think your man wants. Don’t change who you are to accommodate him. Instead take on the attitude that you’re perfect exactly as you are. If you believe it, he’ll start believing it too so no making excuses for anything about yourself.

Men love women who have full lives outside of their relationships. Always stay connected to friends and focus on your career too. Never give up a hobby or interest in favor of spending time with your man. When you are thinking about the question of how can I get him to love me, consider that men love interesting, independent women. Never lose sight of your own life when you are trying to build a stronger connection with a man.

Also, try and stay a bit mysterious when you are in a relationship. Men love learning new things about the woman they are with. Don’t tell him everything about yourself and don’t always be available when he’s trying to find you. It’s that old idea of playing hard to get. We hear so much about it, because it works if used properly. Hold out a little and it will pull him in even more. Don’t know where to start, go straight to this page.