Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Still Flirting? Does He Mean He Is Still In Love?

After a breakup, you might ask yourself “Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Still Flirting?” If this is your case, you need to understand that many women have found themselves in this position. A breakup is frustrating and definitely confusing. When things are done, time is capable of healing older wounds and you and the former boyfriend can see the relationship differently. If you see that the ex flirts again there are different explanations possible. You need to be warned though as not all reasons are good ones.

Why Is My Ex Still Flirting With Me?

First of all, the ex boyfriend might actually be flirting due to a sinister reason. In the event that you suspect that this is the reality, you need to be careful. It is not recommended to fall for the ex’s games and then end up with a broken heart. Men can flirt simply due to the fact that they want to still have s^e^x with you. This is usually referred to as “ex sex”. It is much more common than you might think.

There are many different men that simply love ex sex as they offer a sex^ual relationship with a person that they are strongly attracted to, without even thinking about responsibilities that appear with having a girlfriend. They can simply have sex while dating other women. You need to avoid this at all costs and trust female intuition so that you avoid such a situation.

Another reason why the ex is flirting is that he still loves you. Time passed and he hopes to be forgiven in this case. Through flirting, he tries to see if you still have feelings. In addition, this lets you know that he is still interested and that he wants a relationship. When receiving positive responses, he will most likely eventually start talking seriously and tell you that he wants to get back together.

The third reason why the ex boyfriend is flirting is comfort. In this case flirting does not mean anything and he uses it because he is used to it. It is quite common to see men flirt with ex girlfriends as a fun communication way. In the event that you do not find that to be comfortable for you, it is necessary that you tell him so that he stops. Being direct is the best way to handle this situation and this will stop him from flirting in the future. Make sure that you give him examples or he will not understand what happens.

If you want to get back with your ex and you notice flirting, it is the best time to do so. As already mentioned above, this might be a good sign and a way of showing that he is attracted. If you believe that there is a chance and this is what you want, there is no reason why you should not do this.