Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Wont Call Back

You have gotten used to your boyfriend as you trust him with his word. So why he’s not kept his promise to call back? It makes you confuse, and you may wonder what you could have done wrong.

He may have promised to call at a certain time. The time passed without hearing from him. The hours may turn into days without a word or a text message from him, next you are full of anger and frustrated. Doesn’t he care? Is this a way of telling you good-bye?

There may be reasons that your boyfriend hasnt called. He may have been genuinely occupied. But what if this is not the first time? Is he always that busy?

Checking on your reaction

It may be purely intentional. It maybe he is deliberately checking how you will react. If you turn emotional, you won’t necessarily be in a better position. When you lash out with anger or accusations, you will have reacted exactly the way he expects. He will see that you are already deeply involved in the relationship, and he will be comfortable. He won’t see any reason for calling.

On the other hand, when you do not seem too bothered with his apparent forgetfulness, he’ll make sure he wont lose you.  Dont stalk him when he doesnt call. And when he calls, do not shower him with your accusations.

In this way, he know he still need to pursue you when you show him you’re not completely his girl. If he has any interest, he will be the one calling.  So when he sees that you are not in his grasp as he would like, he will put more effort pursuing you. That’s one strategy that works that actually make him call you instead.